Product Summary :
Brand new Bosskey AV-100 – is the new design, better performance, use more convenient, more secure digital display electric soldering station has been used in various electronic companies in areas such as production line.

Features :

  • 1. Brand-New model LCD screen display can display a variety of setting parameters
  • 2. Menu operation, parameter adjustment is more simple and easy.
  • 3.Visualization of the process control, stimulation of heat intensity
  • 4. Three groups used to access the temperature quickly
  • 5. Provides temperature locking facility, production line process control.
  • 6. Intelligent standby , shutdown function, standby, shutdown time is adjustable, more energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 7. Ring function can choose to open or close
  • 8. The software is more accurate and more convenient, long time use can still maintain good performance.
  • 9. This product uses the low-pressure heater, completely isolated grids, ensure the safety of the soldering.
  • 10. The special design saves more space.
    Item Code: AV100

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