Product Summary :
Brand new Bosskey AV-90 – is the new design, better performance, use more convenient, more secure digital display electric soldering station has been used in various electronic companies in areas such as production line.

We are offering BOSS Soldering Station AV 90W 


  • 1. AV-90 High-frequency lead-free soldering station
  • 2. High-frequency current heating; Astonishing heating speed; Only within 15s to reach 300 from room temperature.
  • 3. Perfect intelligent soldering effects; Sufficient power varies with the sizes of soldering point effectively avoids negative impact by cold soldering etc.
  • 4. Extra-ordinary heat recovery; Incredible temperature compensation speed can solve temperature problems occurring during the course of lead-free soldering. It is a must, maybe a better tool for lead-free soldering and lower-temperature soldering.
  • 5. Extension of life of soldering tips; Relative lower temperature will largely prolong the life of soldering tips.
  • 6. Auto sleeping energy-efficient; Temperature drops to 200 when not in use for over 20 minutes. When work is needed again, Temp., reaches up to the set temp., rapidly.
  • 7. Temperature locking by password; Stable soldering temperature ensures high soldering effects. Temperature can be locked by passwords to prevent inadvertent changes.
  • 8. Separate design between heater and soldering tips; Separate design of heater and tip makes the replacement easy so as to save expenditure and cost
  • 9.AV-203H 90W High-frequency lead-free soldering station

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