Product Summary :
Brand new Bosskey AV-150 – is the new design, better performance, use more convenient, more secure digital display electric soldering station has been used in various electronic companies in areas such as production line.


AV-150 is 150W High-frequency lead-free soldering station:

    • 1. High-frequency current heating, fast heating and rapid temperature recovery,

suitable for lead-free soldering.

  • 2. Microcomputer control set temperature only by pressing keys.
  • 3.More functions available, such as auto sleeping, auto shut-off.
  • 4.Password locks function.
  • 5.ESD safe design, various types of tips available.
  • 6.150W big power design, 8mm soldering tips also can be used
  • 7. Outside Material is ESD Design, Aluminium material, stable useful. Particularly suitable for the ground terminal, large solder point and solar photovoltaic Modules, such as welding sites that require high heat capacity
    Item Code: AV-150

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